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Nat Sulph Tissue Salt 180s


R 159.00


Detoxify, Liver Tonic and Water Eliminator: The biochemic liver conditioner, Nat Sulph supports the function of the colon, hepato-billiary and lymphatic systems. It assists in promotion the excretion of excess fluids, and in the treatment of alcohol abuse and adiposity (slimming aid with balanced diet). Nat Sulph is indicated for hangovers, morning sickness and cellulite.

  • Biliousness

  • Nausea

  • Metabolic syndrome – sugar metabolic stress

  • Hot sweats

  • Water retention

  • Jaundice

  • Sensitivity to humidity

D6 Biochemic trit of Nat Sulph

Adults and Children: Chew or dissolve one tablet in the mouth twice daily or as recommended.

Infants: Once tablet (crushed) daily.

Acute conditions: Every half hour until symptoms subside.